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Greek tax residents

Tax residence package for Greek clients

We offer professional and bespoke advice to your case specifically with exact instructions of what is needed to be done and the steps and procedures required to be completed in UK and in Greece. This is not general advice but tailor made and professional answers to your specific case. With a discounted charge you will be able to fill our specific questionnaire and get an e-mail from an experienced member of our staff who will evaluate your position. Afterwards you will receive a personalised opinion, signed by the director of our office, stating specifically and professionally if you can change tax residency, what steps are required and when and specific directions needed for all this steps (in the UK and in Greece). Also you will receive a package of relevant paperwork and documents required. Upon the receipt of the email the service is completed.

In case you want us to take over any part of the work in UK or in Greece, as lots of our clients want, we certainly can do it and by using the above service you gain a 25% discount rate on any future services which we will do for the above issue.

What we do

  • Assess your situation
  • Write down a professional opinion with bespoke advice
  • Provide steps required to be completed
  • Give useful hints and tips for the process.

What you get

  • A chartered and experienced accountant to assess your situation
  • Personalised written and signed opinion
  • Steps required and directions for their completion
  • Package of documents and paperwork required
  • 25% discount to our future services for your case (if any)

The Steps

If you wish to access the service we have created an easy and secure procedure by following four simple steps.

1. Follow the link below in order to complete the payment of 50 gbp.
2. Fill in the questionnaire which will appear on your browser.
3. A member of our team will get in touch with you if any further information is required in order to assess your position, or with our professional opinion and instructions.
4. You get an email with unique and specific advice for your case.

* When payment is completed please click "return to merchant website"

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